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NAM 2015 Radio Surveys session

This is listing of the talks from the From Galaxies to cosmology session at NAM 2015 in Llandudno. Some (but not all) have links to the talk PDF.


Martin Hardcastle

University of Hertfordshire

What can we do with radio galaxies from surveys?

Jeremy Harwood


The dynamics and energetics of FR-II radio galaxies

Daniel Csaba Molnar

University of Sussex

Imaging the jets of the naked quasar

Beatriz Mingo

University of Leicester

Breaking AGN sample paradigms with FIRST/NVSS, WISE and 3XMM

James Allison

CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science

Discovery of a neutral gas outflow in a young radio galaxy using the Australian SKA Pathfinder


George Heald


LOFAR Surveys: MSSS and beyond

Natasha Maddox


Next Generation HI Surveys

James Allison

CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science

Commissioning and early science results from the Australian SKA Pathfinder

Stuart Harper

University of Manchester

QUIJOTE MFI 10 to 20GHz Wide-Survey

Angela Taylor

University of Oxford

The C-Band All-Sky Survey

Daniel J.B. Smith

University of Hertfordshire



Matt Jarvis

University of Oxford

Cosmology and Galaxy Evolution with the new radio surveys

Stefano Camera

University of Manchester

Radio as a Unique Probe to Access the Largest Cosmic Scales

Geraint Harker

University College London

What can we really learn from global 21-cm observations of the cosmic dawn?

Rupert Allison

University of Oxford

Measuring radio galaxy bias through cross-correlation with CMB lensing

Yin-Zhe Ma

University of Manchester

Probing the nature of dark energy and structure growth with 21-cm intensity mapping

Marie-Anne Bigot-Sazy

University of Manchester

Simulations for a future single-dish intensity mapping experiments: Noise and foreground subtraction

Gravitational Lensing

Ian Harrison

University of Manchester

Promises and Challenges of Radio Weak Lensing

Michael Tarr

Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation

FILM: Fourier Inspection of Lensing Modes

James Nightingale

University of Nottingham

A Glimpse at Strong Gravitational Lensing With The Next Generation of Radio Telescopes

Amitpal Tagore

University of Manchester

Shapelets-based source reconstruction of spatially resolved, gravitationally lensed images

Lee Whittaker

University of Manchester

Separating weak lensing and intrinsic alignments using radio observations

Indranil Banik

University of St Andrews

Directly Measuring Collision Speeds of Interacting Clusters As A Test Of LCDM